“America’s foremost progressive writer and speaker, Parenti is illuminating, penetrating, and never afraid of the truth.”
— James Petras, SUNY professor and noted author
“Radical in the true sense of the word, [Parenti] digs at the roots which... sustain our public consciousness.”
— Los Angeles Times Book Review
  • The Face of Imperialism, 2011.
    Parenti adds shocking new evidence to the litany of injustices visited upon victims of U.S. imperialism: expropriation of their communal wealth and natural resources, complete privatization and deregulation of their economies, loss of local markets, deterioration of their living standards, a growing debt burden, and the bloodstained suppression of their democratic movements.
  • God and His Demons, 2010.
    Michael Parenti brings his critical acumen and gifted writing skills to bear on the dark side of religion, the many evils committed in the name of godly virtue throughout history. This is not a blanket condemnation of all believers. The focus is on the threat posed by fundamentalists and theocratic reactionaries.  Historically anchored and biblically informed, this eloquent indictment of organized religion’s delusions and abuses will be welcomed by secular laypersons and progressive religionists alike.
  • Democracy for the Few, (9th Edition) 2011.
    Read widely over the years in college courses and by lay readers; hailed as a vital study of the U.S. political system.
  • Contrary Notions: The Michael Parenti Reader, 2007.
    Parenti goes where few political observers dare to tread. Time and again he takes the extra step beyond the parameters of safe permissible opinion, and time and again he succeeds in carrying the reader with him. Writing with cool passion and pleasing style, he is always accessible even when dealing with complex themes. The struggle against plutocracy and for peace and democracy is forever reborn thanks to scholar-activists like Michael Parenti.   Get 30% off when purchased at City Lights Books.

  • The Culture Struggle, 2006.
    How to think about cultural imperialism, cultural relativism, racism and gender oppression; this book treats culture as a component of social power and political struggle in the United States and elsewhere.
The following are out of print:
  • Power and the Powerless, 1978
  • Ethnic and Political Attitudes, 1975
  • Trends and Tragedies in American Foreign Policy, 1971
  • The Anti-Communist Impulse, 1969